With TotiPay Virtual Card

Online shopping without limits!

Prepaid Card from TotiPay

TotiPay app provides you with the advantage of obtaining a prepaid card (virtual) from within the application, which enables you to purchase and pay via the card with ease and security, without the need for a bank account!

Within minutes, you will receive the virtual card details to your e-mail, and you can then use it at your preferred online site’s!


Buy and pay online?

No complications after today! You can easily make purchases and sales across different websites with a prepaid card from TotiPay.
With very limited commissions, and high security when paying, the TotiPay card remains your first choice.

Gift your loved one’s a card!

You can easily create a prepaid electronic card through the TotiPay application and gift it to the one you love!

Create the card, charge it with the required amount, send the card to your loved one, and they can use it to buy and pay through various sites. 

Need to pay for your sponsor ads?

It’s easy! Download the TotiPay application, create a prepaid electronic card, and charge it with the balance of your choice. 

Use it to manage your ads and promotional campaigns across various social media sites.

How do I create the card?

You can create the card from within the application with ease through simple steps:

  1.  Open the TotiPay app
  2. From the main menu, select “Prepaid Cards”.
  3. Choose Create New Card.
  4. Top up the card with the appropriate balance.
  5. Your request will be accepted and the card details will be sent to your email.

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