Complete your international business

By registering for a 2Pay business account - quick and easy process!

Your own dedicated account

We are creating a safe commercial financial bridge for merchant, by registering a business account dedicated to you in simple and quick steps, to enable you to complete your international commercial transfers around the world without borders.

Save money on international payments and transfers

You do not have to worry about high commissions and unreliable brokers. Through your business account, we will provide limited commissions and no additional fees for your international transfers.

Unlimited international transfers!

2Pay supports international money transfers for businesses and merchants to more than 150 countries around the world, without complications and no time consuming.

Multiple currency accounts

Send, receive and exchange money in over 30 currencies worldwide, without high commissions or hidden conversion fees.

A business account allows you to open and manage several accounts in different currencies, such as USD, GBP, EUR and more.

Everything you need to run your business, in one account!

Full control over payments and accounts, with the ability to add your trusted partners to manage the account.

Spend with confidence and security

Keep your money and payments safe with our system Protected by high security layers and technology

Stay in control of your spending

Discover efficiency and speed with an account
with 2Pay

Pay your Supplier invoices

Save time and effort by paying all overseas suppliers in a few simple steps.

We will be the financial link between the merchant and the suppliers, ensuring that payments are received on time.

what are you waiting for?

Join 2Pay for a Business Account

Register your business for a account in easy and simple steps, and join 2Pay Business to take advantage of the many features and options.

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